Academic Offerings

The Database Group offers several different courses of broad interest.

NETS 212 covers "scalable and cloud computing" and focuses on the layers of the cloud, cloud-based services, MapReduce and "big data" computing. There is an implementation project in the network science space. Offered in the Fall.

CIS 450/550 is the "core" database class, covering topics spanning normalization and relational design, to relational algebra and calculus, to semi-structured and graph data. We also discuss query processing and tuning, data integration, and database-backed Web sites. There is typically an implementation project. Offered in Spring and Fall.

CIS 545 is the new "big data analytics" course, which covers data wrangling and cleaning, hypothesis testing, data integration, core techniques in machine learning, tuning of classifiers, and data visualization. Offered in the Spring.

CIS 455/555 Internet and Web Systems focuses on the issues encountered in building Internet and web systems: scalability, interoperability (of data and code), atomicity and consistency models, replication, and location of resources, services, and data. Here, we will learn how a web server itself is built!

CIS 650 is an "advanced topics" course on database systems, and will vary from semester to semester. Typical topics of focus include graph data, data integration, and data provenance.

CIS 682 covers "friendly logics," i.e., logics with properties amenable to reasoning. The foundations covered in this course are essential for working in database theory, as well as other logic-based branches of computer science.