DB Reading Group

The database reading group meets Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 (location varies, so contact us for details on where). Everyone should come having already read the paper for the week. The format is a brief, 5 minute overview/summary by the week's discussion leader, followed by approximately 30 minutes of discussion of the paper's technical contributions, and then approximately 20 minutes of discussion of the paper's presentation.

Before participating, please read the questions for paper reading and discussion.

Fall 2012 Schedule:

Past Schedule:

Reading List:

  • Consistent query answers in inconsistent probabilistic databases, Lian et al, SIGMOD 2010 (Allen)
  • Querying uncertain data with Aggregate Constraints. Yang et al, SIGMOD 2011 (Nan)
  • Analyzing the energy efficiency of a database server. Tsirogiannis et al, SIGMOD 2010 (Zack)
  • Large Scale Incremental Processing Using Distributed Transactions and Notifications. Peng and Dabek, OSDI 2010 (Zack)
  • Characterizing Schema Mappings via Data Examples, Alexe et al, PODS 2010 (Marie)
  • Foundations of Uncertain data integration, Agrawal et al, VLDB 2010 (Marie)
  • Determining the Currency of Data, Fan et al., PODS 2011
  • A Latency and Fault-Tolerance Optimizer for Online Parallel Query Plans, Upadhyaya et al., SIGMOD 2011
  • ArrayStore: A Storage Manager for Complex Parallel Array Processing, Soroush et al., SIGMOD 2011
  • Nova: Continuous Pig/Hadoop Workflows, Olston et al., SIGMOD 2011 industry track (Mengmeng)
  • Workload-Aware Database Monitoring and Consolidation, Curino et al., SIGMOD 2011
  • A Platform for Scalable One-Pass Analytics using MapReduce, Li et al., SIGMOD 2011
  • Automatic Optimization for MapReduce Programs, Jahani et al, VLDB 2011 (Svilen)
  • RemusDB: Transparent High-Availability for Database Systems (Best Paper), Minhas et al, VLDB 2011 (Svilen)